Learn to Be the Commander of Your Own Destiny

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The adventures of others can teach us valuable lessons, but we shouldn’t just follow in their footsteps without exercising some degree of discretion first. Think about the admirable traits that are demonstrated by the people around you, and then ask yourself: “Perhaps there is a use for someone like me? How exactly can I make it more obvious to others?” When you observe anything repugnant in the people around you, make the decision to tell yourself, “Let me not feed such vices.”
We are always picking up hints and indications from the people around us, no matter where we are. Regrettably, it is physically impossible to appropriate the success, charisma, or talent of another person. We can adopt their manner of dress and transportation, as well as their way of life, but this will not lead to happiness for us.

We can look into the lives of other people in order to gain knowledge from the experiences that they have had, but in order to do so, we need to assess these models critically first. Think about the admirable traits that others around you possess, and then ask yourself: “Do I personally have something that is really valuable? What steps can I take to ensure that it is understood by everyone?” When you observe something unfavourable in the individuals around you, force yourself to come to the conclusion, “Let me not foster such vices.”

Every single one of us have enormous unrealized potential. Is there something that we can do to make this more successful? When you activate your actual potential, you let loose all of the talents and abilities that God has bestowed upon you from within yourself.

Create your own unique imprint on the world. When you accomplish this, others will come to you organically because of the example you set. When turned on, gravity begins to exert its influence. That being the case, you won’t be going in the same direction as other people. Alternately, you could motivate others to aspire to be like you and take on your characteristics. The vast majority of us have been conditioned to pay attention to what is occurring in our immediate environment. We seek the favour of those around us, and one way to do so is to dress in a particular way.

We examine our look in the mirror to make sure that we are adequately attired for the event that we are attending. The reflection has earned our complete reliance. The mirror can only reflect what is on the surface; it cannot reveal how we truly feel or the people to whom we are linked.

Is it a realistic depiction of how the two of you feel about one another? When it comes to what you dress, there are no restrictions placed on you in the workplace. There, you have the option of being enraged and lashing out at the person who provoked you, or you can choose to remain silent and brood over the situation instead. In any event, the tranquilly that you currently enjoy will be disturbed. Your beautiful gown is not going to be of any use to you at this moment.

You must rely on your own inner stores of strength and calm in order to keep your cool, maintain a positive outlook, and remain unruffled in the face of adversity. In order to accomplish this, you will need to connect with the divine centre that resides within you, since this will provide you with an unlimited amount of peace.

Impersonation is not the path to finding peace. Be aware of how you are actually feeling on the inside and how this impacts the things that you say, think, and want. Make an effort to preserve the inner calm that you may feel deep down.

In spite of outward appearances, true beauty can only be found on the inside. The beauty that truly shines comes from within and is unfading. That is the splendour we seek, and when we open our eyes in the morning, it will be ours. This is beautiful in God’s eyes. If you want to feel attractive on the inside, find love for yourself. Put your attention on something that has a higher moral standing.

The only way to genuinely enjoy the beauty of others is to first recognise the divine beauty that is within your own heart. Only then can you truly appreciate the beauty of others. The holy spirit that resides within you should be the primary focus of your attention rather than your external look. If you see anybody begging today, please give him some money if you can afford it.

There will be no handshakes or pats on the back involved in this interaction. When your sweaty, exhausted child comes home from the playground and says, “Mummy, Daddy…” you give them a loving embrace and kiss him on the cheek.

You show little concern for the disadvantaged young man who approaches you, so you tell him to go away. A man who has awoken his inner core, also known as his “realised soul,” is able to see the holiness and beauty in every person, from the most lowly beggar to the most powerful monarch.

Learning to see is impossible without first imitating someone else’s actions. When you select the search mode from the menu. The distinction between these two words is highlighted by the presence of the letter “k” in “seek.” The letter “k” in this sentence refers to kindness, which is also referred to as karuna.

Caring, compassion, and kindness are the only things that count as much as anything else. In light of this, let us avoid imitating one another. It is imperative that we examine ourselves and pay attention to the divinity that resides within us. So, let’s look. Everything is in order, let’s get started.

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