Develop a Relationship with Your Physical Self.

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When we put a lot of effort into something, our thoughts may get so engrossed with the activity at hand that we lose sense of time and even our own existence. This can happen when we are really into something. However, if poor habits cause you to lose physical strength and energy, this will also have a detrimental impact on your mental agility and the amount of work you get done.

Imagine how frustrating it would be if something like a headache, a back spasm, brain fogginess, or the tremors abruptly halted your creative flow.

People who are familiar with me say that as a guitarist, my muscles are “little muscular athletes,” which implies that I need to treat them with additional TLC than they would otherwise receive. If that’s the case, then maybe all of us creative types are comparable to runners who have a small amount of muscular mass. After all, in order to carry out our creative undertakings, we require a certain amount of physical power.

Our bodies are essential to the use of all of our creative tools, whether it be the slouched position taken while painting at an easel, the finger movements required to play an instrument, the need to stand and move around on stage for the entirety of a performance, or the method of typing used to spend the majority of the workday at a computer.

If you put in the effort required each and every day, you will eventually develop a robust and healthy body.

To properly take care of your body, you should get sufficient sleep, eat three meals that are well-balanced at regular intervals throughout the day (plus healthy snacks if you feel the need for them), participate in regular physical activity, and drink a lot of water every day.

Taking care of oneself reduces the amount of stress that is experienced in the brain. The mind and its capacity to solve problems, concentrate, and make connections are all negatively impacted by factors such as fatigue, hunger, inactivity, and thirst.

The Use of the Fear of Defeat to Motivate Creative Work

In certain circumstances, such as when we are on tour with a band, when we are practising, or when we are staying up late to finish a painting for an upcoming exhibition opening, our normal standards of self-care may be relaxed and we may embrace a new set of norms.

Before we are able to get back into our creative flow after the last show, stop on the tour, or when the work is over, we may go through a period of adjustment or feel down. This may happen after the completion of the work.

Develop good habits under what you consider to be “normal” conditions, and you\’ll be better prepared to deal with the challenges that life brings your way. In addition to this, they assist in the formation of habits and the acquisition of the skills necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, both of which will come in handy when you are facing challenges.

Make the most of the opportunity.

Your physical health, mental health, and spiritual health all depend on you getting enough restful sleep each night. Tonight, instead of following your typical evening routine, take a half hour to relax and unwind instead. You can get your problems off your chest by talking about them or writing about them. Get away from your workstation for a while and relax with anything like a warm bath, a soothing cup of tea, a massage, a good book, or some music.

Everyone may come up with an excuse for why they don’t exercise, eat healthier, or place a higher premium on their own health in their daily life.

In terms of creativity, you have something special to offer the rest of the world, but that something is contingent on your state of physical health.

The following question that needs to be answered is this: which of your excuses for not taking care of yourself is the most convincing?

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