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Just try to picture a world where colours don\’t exist. Imagine a world where practically all of the objects and people are the same colour. That sounds like your worst nightmare. Imagine being transported into a black and white film and forced to live there. Grey, depressing, and dreary. And most of all, just plain boring.

To put it simply, colours add a whole new dimension of diversity and appeal to any given scene. Without colour, for instance, every clothing would be made up of the same boring patterns and styles.

Actually, this is what is currently happening at the moment. The manufactured goods we produce, such as t-shirts, rugs, and mobiles, have become significantly less vibrant over time. Greyness in the world is increasing as a result of our actions. Moreover, there is proof of this.

A peculiar trend in logo redesign arose at the beginning of the previous decade, with many companies ditching their previously 3D, glossy, and dark emblem in favour of a more straightforward, flat, minimal design.

In other words, everyone is participating. It appears that the movement toward redesigning products and services spread slowly across different sectors. It also appears that when a major corporation redesigns its logo, the trend spreads.

Tech Giants: Microsoft Came First in May of 2012, Google Two Years Later in May of 2014, and Facebook This Past November.

The Banking Sector began changing their Logos in 2014 with Visa, and HSBC followed in April of 2018. Next came MasterCard in January of 2019 and most recently Revolute in March of 2020.

In the Auto Industry, Toyota did it in secret this past May. When September 2019 rolls along, VW will. This year both Kia and BMW have declared that they will be updating their logos, BMW in March of 2020 and Kia this year.

Is life getting less exciting now? Absolutely.

The world needs Color

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